Seller’s Guide

While you should always feel comfortable asking questions, the following ‘roadmap’ might help keep you on track.

STEP 1 Prior to Lisiting

  • Select an agent
  • Sign a listing agreement with your agent
  • Arrange a contract for sale through your solicitor

STEP 2 Listing your Property

  • Agent prepares marketing campaign & advertising materials
  • Agent receives a copy of your sale contract from your solicitor
  • Prepare your house for buyer inspection
  • Agent conducts buyer inspections
  • Agent negotiates a sale price to your satisfaction

STEP 3 Accepting the Offer

  • Offer is accepted
  • Agent accepts a good-will deposit (10% in most cases)
  • Solicitor exchanges contracts with cooling-off period (5 working days)
  • Cooling off period ends (SOLD)

STEP 4 Settlement

  • Settlement period begins (usually 28 days from exchange)
  • Move out
  • Settlement